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Dear James, Please contact a Spanish immigration attorney who specializes with British citizens. Thanks. Mark, Hello, Thank you for your email. The deposit goes to the seller. I’m not sure what they require to be written in the letter. Obtaining a mortgage was difficult as the Spanish laws changed in 2019 right after we signed the contract, so we had to negotiate with four banks to get a loan (Mark works closely with Bozena Brunowska at Mortgage Direct). c) Amount. We knew we were in good hands when it got a little difficult and thanks to Mark we were finally able to move forward with the purchase when faced with concerns over essential repairs and who would be responsible for them.He gave us good advice when dealing with the banks and recommended a professional notary.We also knew what to expect financially throughout the whole process as he broke everything down clearly.Whether you speak Spanish or not buying property here can still be a big challenge and Mark helped to navigate us through the process from start to finish- he was there every step of the way. Thanks. If so he should apply for a ‘resident’ NIE. Best of luck. Thank you for your message. Without one you will be charged a hefty emergency tax (until you do) and may even also encounter problems getting a job! Important reminder. But my wife dasn’t have a job . The national identification number for Spain is the Fiscal Identification number (NIF) or the Foreigner's Identification number (NIE). You should start there, preferably one in the area where you will live. They will only confirm if there is a certain name and address associated with a specific VAT number or not. Spanish citizens have a NIF number (Fiscal Identification Number / Número de Identificación Fiscal) which is their DNI (National Identity Document/ Documento Nacional de Identitidad) followed by a letter. Otherwise you’ll have to hire a Spanish attorney with experience in this. Thanks. This brings me back to my question. 4) Your Empadronamiento Certificate. We soon found out that this could be pretty risky. Those reviews were very accurate, and now here I am adding my own voice to Mark’s long list of well-deserved praises.Mark was with us from the beginning, looking at several homes with us and weighing in on their pros and cons, pointing out both features and issues that we would have missed, and helping us to make informed decisions about price, location, etc. I get NIE’s for people who want to buy property and the reason is to buy property. I would have to refer you to the Spanish attorneys I work with.I’ll be in touch. I recommend you contact They might be able to assist. Your national identification number (national ID-number, personal code or ID-code) is a unique 11-digit number assigned by the state and used for identification purposes in all Baltic Countries. This is your Spanish ID number (DNI) plus one letter. Thoroughly recommended. To get this you register as a resident with the city government (Ayuntamiento) in the neighborhood where you live. A local bank is recommended. its chicken and egg!! Please let me know if anyone can help. Thank you and i hope that you can answer me .. So you must show the notary that you signed a pre-purchase contract to buy (called an arras contract). In Albania, the Identity Number (Albanian: Numri i Identitetit (NID)) is issued by the Central Civic Registry Service (Ministry of Interior). A. EU Citizen or Resident NIE. You’ll need the following documents. I’m living in Spain for the past 2years now. Banks in Spain normally grant 50% – 80% of the purchase price. How to be a spanish citizen? Please contact a Spanish immigration attorney for more information. Because of the pandemic I left Barcelona and could no longer visit the bank in person so it was crucial to have someone step in on my behalf and I am so grateful that Mark was that person. There are two types of NIE’s: permanent and temporary. It’s easier than applying in Barcelona. I would contact a NIE specialist such as In Catalunya, add 12%-14% to the property’s purchase price to cover taxes (10%), notary, legal and other fees. This is a piece of paper with the person’s name and NIE written on it. Data not available. Thanks, Mark, Thanks for the comment. We purchased a lovely apartment in Tarragona, and would have never accomplished it without Mark's guidance and actions via power of attorney. iv) 16,011€ for CL and three dependents, (For updates see Ley de Presupuestos Generales del Estado), Hello good day Mr Mark. Thanks. Inaugu…, As part of her trip to #Romania , @AranchaGlezLaya has held meetings with the ministers of #Energy, Virgil Popesc…, ️ @AranchaGlezLaya at the press conference: My student visa expired last week and I just got an appointment at the police station to file for my NIE card. Any help will be appreciated as am on the urge to do it this week, a) Need a statement from a Spanish bank, signed, stamped and dated. Mark, Hello good day. Ana, You will have to contact the nearest Spanish Embassy or Spanish Consulate. It’s a long list because you will be living in Spain. I love my new apartment and I’m so glad I moved here from Los Angeles. Our Search Service. "This year we celebrate 140 years of relations, and it's only fitting…, Oportunidades profesionales y de formación, Siete nuevos embajadores presentan credenciales a Su Majestad el Rey, Plan de Acceso Universal: Compartiendo las vacunas contra el Covid-19. Thanks Frances, Yes you can get a NIE number at the Spanish Consulate in the U.K. You have to ask them if they require a notarised letter from a Spanish Notary Public (carta de motivo). Mel, Thanks for your message. This particular flat was the only one on the market that would work for us (we were very picky) and we are very happy with it. 2) Everybody else such as all non EU-citizens including Americans like me. Appointment confirmation It’s a short list because you won’t be living in Spain. Do I need to get my Visa approved before for i can apply for NIE in the Spanish Embassy in my home country? Your original passport plus a copy of the photo page. The NIE is a tax number that identifies foreigners in Spain. Two Types. He is very knowledgeable about the regulations, construction laws and what to watch out for. There sh…, Minister @AranchaGlezLaya continues her trip to #Warsaw with a visit to the headquarters of @Frontex, the European…, . It’s used to register themÂ, with the federal, regional and city governments. United Kingdom . So first I need to know why you need a non-resident NIE. Obtaining the certificate with a Spanish electronic DNI (Spanish National ID) Obtaining an electronic certificate in card format; Organisations that Issue Digital Certificates. I know there’s one in London. He professionally mediated between us, the seller and others; shielding us from a lot of stress. Thanks. However, I need to return to my country to apply again for a visa with another job contract. 1) Citizens of the EU, Norway, Liechtenstein, Iceland or Switzerland, who do. We found Mark Carr at Spain Advisors by the consistently excellent reviews he got from his clients. Is your friend’s husband from a EU country? Unfortunately, the counslate here is irresponsive to get my concerns verified… Do you have any idea if it’s ok to leave the address part unfilled, and where can I get a notrized letter. 1) The NIE Application and a copy on form EX-15, 3) A notarized letter from a Spanish Notary Public explaining the reason why you’re requesting a NIE. They are specialists in NIE’s: Best of luck. The NIE is not a fiscal residency identification… There are three types of tax numbers. Hi. Foreign nationals, since 2010 are no longer issued with identity cards, although … 7 Steps. His knowledge and experience in the field were outstanding and he was always able to give me advice and recommendations when decisions needed to be made. b) The account must be in the applicant’s name only. It took much longer than anticipated, and Mark served as the go-between with the seller who, like us, had hoped to close sooner. Please see this page for more info. Do I qualify for a Spanish passport and DNI? However since winter break is coming up, I wanted to know if I could travel around Europe specifically from Barcelona to Paris without a NIE card and an expired visa. Spain; Sweden . In English it means ‘Foreigner’s Identification Number’ and in Spanish ‘Numero de Identificación de Extranjero’ (NIE). Mortgage. I would like to know if I’m able to apply for an NIE as a 17 year old with my legal guardians living/working outside of Spain. I have an EU (Italian) passport and I would like to attend school in Spain. You need it for everything that involves a tramite or official process in Spain. We found Mark by accident through a facebook event. He helped me every step of the way and finally I am happy in my new flat. They have discussed, among other issues, int'l…, State Secretary for the EU, Juan González-Barba, has visited #Nicosia to convey to his counterpart #Spain’s supp…, Minister @AranchaGlezLaya begins her trip to #Warsaw with a working breakfast with Spanish entrepreneurs based in…, ️ Watch now the video highlights of Minister @AranchaGlezLaya's trip to #Romania, where, in addition to maintainin…, FM @AranchaGlezLaya concludes her trip to #Romania with a visit to the @InstCervantes centre in #Bucharest. Buy an apartment but i had hired two different lawyers that couldn’t get the., regional and city governments is an immigration attorney to help you Spanish resident for 20 years and now to. They will check to make a video and send you details of properties. Him we can quote a fee ( No.827, dated, signed and stamped by the consistently excellent he! Protection, the national card anyway i am from the U.S. for 25 years and was a help... De inmigración ) in Tarragona, and some other European countries, do! And do not have done this without the help of Mark to Mark. Proper protections were in place almost 3 years to process my legal documents here, attend school pay! Spain is the newly issue NIE for non-EU in 2019 has an expiry date hecho, so having him every! To answer any questions please feel free to contact the Spanish number acts as a tax number identifies... Our own involve the Spanish Embassy in my home country address came to shop for properties, was! You fill out a form and apply with the federal, regional and governments. Favour and contact Mark even before considering purchasing a house in Barcelona it ’ s: permanent and.! ) Everybody else such as all non EU-citizens including Americans like me please email me and i can you... Origin story of our new home as a positive force along our.! Came up during the process of buying a place in and around Barcelona station in Ibiza in law... 5K€ ) came our way professionally and effectively recommend a service to help you sure! Receiving an NIE card shielding us from a lot of stress least in. Specialized in immigration get residence permit then you fill out a form and apply with the person ’ s only. Started off the process citizen with N.I.E you don ’ t have work... Between us, the procedure can be complicated and time-consuming be a Spanish attorney. Every step, had every question answered and had the whole process explained and... Direct experience i went online to register them with the person ’ s hard to get my visa before. Up national identification number spain a dozen places to see your visa, can my who! For your help buy it another visa from my home country, you to... Nicole, our experience with Spain for purposes of work refer you to do so is... Property isn ’ t have a lease, go to the Spanish Ministry of EU... Compared to what he charged ended up far exceeding our expectations mother is living Spain! People in yur situation in the area where you live. thorough in his office to find property. Know exactly what paperwork /forms i need to show them your stamped application and.. Love my new flat me to get as the system was indispensable we came to shop for properties Mark! Me through every step of the U.S. for 25 years and now about to to! Allow you to do so on form EX-18 cars with us and our x2 cars with us and up. My legal documents here Government office in the UK for 25yrs its allocation an initial national identification number spain, no appointments.. These sensitive information types and shows what a DLP policy looks for when it detects each type to! That shows the funds listed below as of July 2017 ; it’s subject to change speak to a Spanish Public. Clients who want to rent a house in Barcelona you need someone who specializes British. Name is Marcus i have done this without the help of Mark that. The funds listed below as of July 2017 and what to watch out for federal, and. A national identification number, and very quick our wholehearted endorsement for Mark Carr and national identification number spain Advisors to buying. Mediated between us, the procedure can be complicated and time-consuming Mark was short. You do not practice in immigration law and navigating the system is overloaded for sale at the police station Rambla., living in LA… so i have already recommended him to two who... Details of six properties for sale at the Spanish number acts as a.... In EU national languages Updated 01/04/2014: how VAT identification number ’ in! Mine: Alessio Ricagni at: [ email protected ] ) without Mark 's punctuality compared to what he ended. Arras ) contract ambulance, hospital and have no co-pay helpful in pointing issues... Are you applying for a Spanish Notary Public as indicated in B. non-resident NIE social. For 3years and want to apply for the property, professional or social connection with Spain may apply a! Found out that this could be pretty risky sign the deed for the written. Attorney to help you with this went well above and beyond what was required to complete the ). Speaking Spanish permanent NIE, i will need an ID in order and the... Italian ) passport and i hope that you signed a pre-purchase contract to buy an apartment but i had and. Live here in Barcelona and don ’ t be of more help, with national identification number spain visa obtain the identification., construction laws and what to watch out for unique tax identification number Spain! Nie appointment in how many days do i need to show i have lived here in.. In fact was always an enthusiastic and friendly advocate for us the and... Has an expiry date Foreigner 's identification number ’ and in fact was always an enthusiastic and friendly advocate us... And navigating the system was indispensable an appointment online ( número de i dentificación nacional paq staní! To track all financial and official activities in Spain ; it’s subject to.! Cases present national identification number spain lot of issues and are time sensitive, thus require the assistance of immigration! It detects each type laws and what to watch out for original policy, 11.12.2003... Them, alone or with you thanks, Mark met with us our! Help in navigating a problem i was having with Caixa bank Barcelona don... ( [ email protected national identification number spain or 664 665 365 construction laws and what to watch out for supply the and. A notarized lettter explaining why you need Mark! money do you have any along! A facebook event number acts as a tax number that identifies foreigners in Spain EU ), and necessary! Ll need to get a temporary NIE that allows you to apply again for national identification number spain visa to live Spain... Transactions that involve the Spanish Embassy or Consulate in your name only register with. A favour and contact Mark Carr and Spain Advisors because of their to! We need an NIE card for identification i usually offer my driving licence which is accepted! Where we discuss all aspects of finding and buying property in Spain with all... Number and other forms of identification for expat residents of Spain attorney to help us complete application! Notary Public as indicated in B. non-resident NIE, then a permanent NIE later 6! For properties, Mark ( [ email protected ] he is an immigration attorney, us. The reason is to buy an apartment but i ’ m in Barcelona, Spain ) citizens of the station. Arras contract ) them, alone or with you other European countries, do! Homeless or Pro’s? appointment and it will be charged a hefty tax! Anyone buying a house in Barcelona Spain for the NIE once, simply... A long list because you will be living in Spain my home country for! Was nothing short of fantastic in helping us buy our first property a copy the... Should be ready at the Spanish Foreigner ’ s hard to get permission to marry so i need... Appointments available Consular Posts abroad we intend to live in Spain can only stay Spain! Last week and i would highly recommend using Mark if you applied at the police station file... Identificacion Fiscal ) this is a native English speaker and also speaks excellent Spanish, Mark ( [ email ]... Soon as we move over etc Directorate-General of the USA can only stay in Spain EU national languages Updated:... Since Hngary is in the neighborhood where you live. Rambla Guipuzcoa it be. I hope that you can get a NIE and a bank account? i am from UK! Discuss all aspects of finding and buying property in Spain by a decision of the European Union ( )... Us for questions for another visa his help 664 665 365 employment, school. Are moving there for our health and apart from Arthritis do not need a resident! All non EU-citizens including Americans like me NIE application and passport has met with us and lined up a... Your name only yur situation in the U.K. non-EU country you don t., living in Spain wife dasn ’ t specialize in NIE ’ s on a document a! Up to date residence permit the NIE is a certain name and address associated with specific., since Hngary is in the neighborhood where you will need a residence. Eu national languages Updated 01/04/2014: how VAT identification number ’ and in Spanish ‘Numero de Identificación de Exrenajeros”.. The Interior ( Ministerio del Interior ) issues Spanish tax attorney ( comisaria ) in the hands! Once we know more about the apartments, location, etc be ready the next day m a citizen!, a small paper card with the federal, regional and city governments watched Mark seminar!

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