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can’t control my anger, at what point in time is parlor going to allow us to post live. @Gulliverbarb I wish I had done the same. Chiropractor Garret Soldano has created a Covid-19 misinformation and anti- social distancing group titled “Michiganders against excessive quarantine” which now has in excess of 250,000 members. There is no pandemic, just a politically driven virus of propaganda with the sole aim of dividing and controlling people. Freedom to worship taken for granted. I need to watch this daily. He will get the glory, While we were busy living ours lives, the radicals were slowly taking away and we let them. I haven’t heard anything in a while now about that. What’s their place!? God bless youGod bless the state of Michigan andGod bless these United States#g4g2022?❤️. We have to stop waiting for a political figure to save us.We have the power to save ourselves. Thank you for your positive message. Recent Post by Page. You can still follow me on I am also on Youtube, Parler, and MeWe.I will continue to fight this clown show and be your beacon of light. Kudos to them. They bought and run EVERY big tech company. We must UNITE Y... es I’m still being censored! The states have become independent actors. Detroit needs to be watched like a hawk and domino machines gotten rid of. Turning his efforts to creating a simple yet easy to understand guide for parents, he has outlined a clear path for setting a solid foundation of values for children. Be ready for that. This is a picture of Washington D.C.....NOT last night, but during the riots after something horrible happened to an American. Am I seeing this right? Yes Garrett!!! Entdecken Sie alle Hörbücher von Garrett Soldano auf 1 Hörbuch Ihrer Wahl pro Monat Der erste Monat geht auf uns. Our government cares about us. How will we get rid of that wretched woman when we can’t run legitimate elections? Garrett Soldano started the Michiganders Against Excessive Quarantine Facebook page which racked up more than 360,000 likes and began a culture war over restrictions imposed by … This is not how republicans conducts themselves. This is your so called “leader” in Michigan folks.It’s time for a change.It’s time to unite. Burning our cities: NOT OKAYBreaching the Capital Building: NOT OKAY......The DOUBLE STANDARD of the radical left: NOT OKAYMSM with their narratives: NOT OKAY.Americans just want the unbiased truth without an agenda. We follow the rules, we want to, and we are denied over and over much due to dems and msm. She acts like a child, worse, she is a hypocrite!! This photo is from this summer. They may oppress and restrict our abilities to express our views, but your views are your own. Now we have a totalitarian Congress, and apparently “Prez”, who have already put into place a communist regime. That guy is so full of crap, he’s thinned skin and all talk no action. You'vebeen a light threw this Gerrett. Security Screening Solutions from Garrett Explore. We can’t get rid of that evil woman fast enough! Anyone still there supports that domestic terrorist called Zuckerberg. I will vote for you! He is licensed to practice by the state board in Michigan (2301009252). There are other app stores besides Google. # g4g2022? Your forgetting we the people put you in need to let them know their part in everything that happened. I just want everyone to know daily mail is on the wrong side. Sport. What happened in 2020 were riots and they were a whole lot worse! GOD is the only way....Ijust pray people realize this beforeit's too late. For fucks sake a woman who most definitely did not deserve it got hit in the chest with a live round, but not one antifa or BLM fuck stain has had live rounds fired at them. Log In. We need to get angry before we wake up and start doing something about this...they can’t silence 80million of us patriots!. Garrett Soldano has spent his entire adult life applying the Universal Laws to athletics and entrepreneurship. Stop feeding them and their arrogance. It’s simply amazing the faith we put in a corrupt system. It was Antifa that stormed the capital let in by police and the person shot was by a a DCofficer is what I have heard. Garrett L Soldano. Start attending your local school board meetings. It will be a tough road, as the swamp is deep and has lots of money and resources, but as Garrett has kept repeating, there is power in numbers! Keep Up with Stand Up Michigan . Is this Risk it for the Brisket Ralley today? They should a) be shown no mercy. You're not alone with that reaction. Lord help our country!! What happened was terribly sad. Definitely not the smooth talking professional politician that talks a big game but never ACTS. -MLK ‍♂️Can’t wait to see how the MSM and the Radical Far Left portrays what happened today. Now they get to blame Trump and his “violent” supporters. United we stand, divided we fall.❤️. The Devos family has done so much for Michigan. Yesterday at 8:19 AM "I fear all we have done is awaken a sleeping giant and fill him wit... h a terrible resolve." She and her administration are the worst we’ve ever had. Freedom of Speech! !Our country needs the Lord!! Take off your mask. She can make fun of people. Farmers will be unable to run small farms food shortages and mass pollution from burying failed windmills, She’s going to bury us and the recall goes Nowhere. Right now they are getting a massive rush of people that are leaving Facebook and Twitter.... I’ve been following Dan for a while and he’s says they are working on it. They are saying they will not release a Billion dollar of federal covid relief funds until she meets with them about opening our state! Oscars Best Picture Winners Best Picture Winners Golden Globes Emmys San Diego Comic-Con New York Comic-Con Sundance Film Festival Toronto Int'l Film Festival Awards Central Festival Central All Events “Those are not true Trump Supporters. I will not let them forget that. The people who breached the congressional chambers need to finally be held accountable. We make not like the legal process, especially since the left has figured out how to cheat, but we need to do things the right way. I do not believe those were real Trump supporters. I have always been treated with the utmost value as a client and friend. Andrew, the CEO, is hands-on and Christian. State Representative Jack O'Malley . We will be just like Georgia if we don’t. Our legislators fell asleep on the job for this election. They don’t even recognize they are part of the problem with their willingness to obey draconian orders. Stay engaged. . Guy with horns has BLM tattoo. He pointed out that all was calm, happy, singing and praying. I was thinking the same thing. The buildings we build house them Our boys defend them in the army. Yep. I literally get sick to my stomach if someone mentions she is speaking , She retweeted a picture of her mocking Republicans basically. You have my support! Thank you so much Garett!! These corrupt politicians are going down! #livenotbylies, Get ready for a lockdown for 100 days! I question if this wasn’t set up on the left to dress like maga patriots and blame republicans. . I hear she climbed through the window. Free Speech is how you resolve differencesFree Speech is how you explore truth Free Speech is how you buildFree Speech is how you healFree Speech is how you learn Free Speech is how you prevent conflict Free speech is how you understand the other sideThe radical left and corporate elites don’t want free speech, they prefer power strugglesSince the left controls every power source in America, free speech is an annoyance to them. What was going on OUTSIDE certainly looked peaceful on the streets of DC abut let’s completely forget about that. Double Standard. @Maryakuehl58 It’s from BLM riots. We can do nothing but pray to Almighty God that HIs righteousness and justice will prevail. Maybe that’s why they want history erased, so no one remembers which party started the KKK. Garrett Soldano is listed as a President with Soldano Physical Medicine Florida, Inc. in Florida. If the owners blame the pandemic, then they and their own cowardice are to blame. The other guys were part of Antifa. New plan today we cheat oh that's the old plan. -- 28 July 1750, N.S.) Do you want to be told what do, or inspired on what to do in 2022? I should say that I don't approve of using violence to try and make your point. People post their videos to Rumble as an alternative to YouTUBE. So will people like Charlie Kirk be banned? Garrett is proving the point. How big is your tin foil hat bud. It amazes me that when the word Trump supporters gets added to the mix suddenly theses become the most violent people on the planet. Hopefully as soon as they figure out how not to get banned from the app store... lol. Lockdowns have been proven to do more harm than good. Saturday, December 5th, I will be doing my Pilgrimage for Freedom as I travel 3 1/2 hours north to Gaylord, MI to support "Iron Pig Smokehouse" and then 3 hours south to the east side of Michigan to Lepeer, Michigan to support "Woodchips BBQ". More information Listen to Garrett Soldano, author of God's True Law, a parent's guide to raising successful children, as he talk about parenting tips. What a joke!! I agree!!! Welcome. "Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that...", "Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that..." Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that." And for that I am forever grateful. @Name Hidden Agree. Is there any pressure being out on the Republican legislature to do just that? Parler has now been blocked by Google and Apple says it will follow. I guess they are going back in time to see who supports our president and if you believe in him or anything else that is not on the far left, YOU WILL BE BANNED! Excuse me?!!! How can he win tho? My family member snapped a pic of the inside and then they walked back to their hotel. Garrett Soldano is an entrepreneur, public speaker and philanthropist. Impeach the B! If you are complaining about the electoral college and live in a coastal city... then you are likely right. I cannot anymore with the left, I just keep praying there is a reason for this utter madness going on! We also all need to March our butts to Lansing and in front of her house. (If Betsy turns into a maybe she’ll bite some of these and give them ). Anmelden. ❤️. This is sick and our children are the pawns. This was on Stop the Steal page, Just signed up with signal , although I don’t trust anyone anymore , it’s Elon musk I’ve heard. Stress, anxiety, drug, alcohol abuse has all went through the roof. @Dbongino when are we going to be able to go LIVE on this platform? If this is true, then that is the key. This was unbelievable....So many Patriots turned in their petitions yesterday at our Protest for Freedom and the amount was AWESOME. We won’t let it stand, The video of the cops letting ANTIFA in has been circulating, Graphic.... woman shot in the neck inside the capital. this makes me sick!!!! I do not condone any violence bc I have been on my platforms always promoting a NON VIOLENT, POSITIVE movement for change. The protest event page was also widely circulated within a Facebook group called “Michiganders Against Excessive Quarantine” overseen by Garrett Soldano, a former Western Michigan University football player who has reportedly and inaccurately claimed a juice drink he … According to the constitution and democracy, it is part of that process. No matter what happened anything would of been painted that they were monsters! Garrett, you are absolutely correct. Create New Account. This man makes me cry in good and sad ways in this. If we continue to be far right and far left this country will continue to be divided and tear itself apart.United we STAND, divided we FALL. That was planned to shame patriots and disperse them so they could hijack our country. Then there’s the fear of the invisible or made up narratives to promote one way of thinking. This is ok? On April 9th, before any protests had occurred, Garrett Soldano, a chiropractor from Onsted, created a Facebook group called Michiganders Against Excessive Quarantine. #historyrepeating. God help us. We have been heavily censored by Facebook and big tech, but there are still many great ways to keep up with what is going on with Stand Up Michigan. Our freedom will be gone too is we continue on the low road! Oh and fitbit app because it tracks you and smashed my fitbit watch. ❤️#g4g2022. The gloves are off unfortunately......BE CAREFUL....because now Shitsmear can make one call to the FEDS and they will weaponize everything and crush people like you, like me, like us.....they'll audit you, they'll mess with your license, they have no mercy.....There is NO LAW left in this country........sorry to be a downer....I remember what Obama did to the Tea Party....It will be worse this time around..... Now that Biden is becoming president it’s clear that Whitmer is getting braver and bolder! We let let them take the pledge of allegiance to our flag and prayer from school. It's all part of the Communist playbook. I watched the shit all day on their channel, and I’m like rioters, terrorists and insurrectionists? 74 mil ppl plus. See you in 2022❤️#g4g2022? How do “we the people” fix the voting systems. Many MAGA people got caught up in a planned moment. He now applies these same laws to successful parenting. What did she say? I think this would be one of our greatest tools moving forward. We are His sheep!God's got this, folks! Day 6 For all you Trump Haters out there. people...... One of the first strategies of war is to disrupt your enemies communications.. That's what they are doing to us... You are a mouth breathing cousin fucker to believe this shit. You would have MANY people help you with your goal.....Keep up the good work, we love you! Facebook is already blocking post of people saying it’s Antifa. Might as well die. NOT in Washington but somewhere significant. Chiro Hustle Live Episode 239 Nate Zeleznick. Adventure Awaits The Sport of Metal Detecting Explore. They would have been praised and pelosi and company are still only fooling their weak ignorant followers. May God help us, because we need him more than ever! My fellow conservatives- they need us more than we need them. No they would not have been treated differently as it was BLM involved. We need common sense solutions. The curfew was being strictly enforced and there were large numbers of police. With the elections rigged, can we really get rid of her? Garrett Soldano is a member of Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them. The food we grow feeds them. Create New Account. You know she’s not gonna open the restaurants up! Run for governor! Time for our radical change now. ...seriously? The House of Representatives legislator from Florida said during his 5 minutes, that they had already identified some of those who breached the chambers as Antifa. I’m with you 100%. Maybe stand up Michigan Garrett or some of us start a new group focusing on jury nullification. . oder. Thank you I feel so helpless and just listening to your video today is encouraging but I was just a regular old Citizen I tell you we don’t know what to do, I would support you for would win by a landslide if we could get a free and fair election . Not Now. Now because they think it’s actual Trump supporters this is bad. With no word on when indoor dining might reopen in Michigan, bars and restaurants are continuing to feel the pain. Why are we denied? ❤️. I have been coming to Soldano Family Chiropractic for several years, beginning with Garrett Soldano himself. I think she wants to use those scores that is the result of her doing in 2020 to pin on DeVos for a baseline to measure from at the time that Betsy leaves the administration. Thanks once again, Garrett for keeping us on the straight path! We should read it. Mehr von Garrett L Soldano auf Facebook anzeigen. Thank you for your transparency and willingness to put yourself out there for all of us. I have to wonder if this is all part of their show? Total coup!!!! We need unity and they continue to divide. I had a family member in DC today. I have been talking and writing to elected officials, neighbors, friends and family (with links and documentation) since Spring 2020 with zero impact. Left FB, Twitter, and google search engine this morning. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. The use of fear is a motivator, it is also a great divider. Even the simple act of going into a store without an ineffective mask can’t be done by people, no matter what an illegal sign says. Where's the recall signature count? True character is revealed in times like these. 400,000 by next week!!! Put the blame also on Pelosi and Schumer for the last 4 years causing all the turmoil in this country constantly fighting the president all the way...they have a lot of blame here blame democrats who out loud said get republications where they live where they eat. Enough of this tyrant governor!! Even weeks before the election I emailed the FL Governor on the many businesses that were independently requiring mask mandates and today the majority of the people are walking around muzzled. I can't put the YouTube video on a comment,since I don't have the right account to do it, but I tagged you on my post. Why do these people have to tweet this shit right now? Facebook just removed this LIVE from this morning bc they said that it went against their guidelines. Also stuck my very old apple ipod in water and then smashed it!. Stop delivering goods to them. People look at them they are Antifa. If this actual pictures from last night this WAS NOT DONE by any Trump supporters. My family and I don’t but we are the few. Shot by the capital police. Maybe it’s time to start using some Republican “Force” ‍♂️. God bless. They may have been saying positive things?? Don’t give up the fight! Antifa posted that they were going in as Trump supporters wearing Red hats. He said the photo was not from last night. Related Videos. It’s another step in Hitler’s plan. After the last few days I have changed from Republican to Independent. We need to keep our SUM Army together. It totally looks like you singing in the crowd! Many little things we can start with. I’m not giving up, I’m trying to figure out how to fix it for 2022 and beyond. This is antifa. When they did it all summer oh they are just protesting. WORLDWIDE LEADER IN METAL DETECTION TECHNOLOGY. I don’t know verbal assaults certainly set up an environment for violence. Chiro Hustle Live Episode 237 Tory Robson. Garrett Soldano, Self: FTW Live! And that will be their downfall. Now it’s time we unite with our fellow countrymen and stand up to the tyrants in DC! I remain confident in the days ahead much will be revealed. I woke up banned from Facebook because I support Trump. Facebook. ... Chiro Hustle Live Episode 240 Garrett Soldano. Exactly media basis will be here before you know it, Joe Biden already called the protestors “the mob”..... . Effective immediately I am stepping down from Stand Up Michigan Inc.I will no longer be in a leadership role to make decisions.I am contemplating a POSSIBLE run for office and I feel that it is not fair for me to use this movement for political gain.I am not going anywhere. Trying to compare the two, works against the point you are trying to make. Scary part is Amazon controls the Parler servers. Let do it @Dbongino. You’d rather go to the extreme of violence and murder to appease your orange god. 3,720 talking about this. They were liberal run maskholes... or I would have supported them. We just need to be smart, creative, and persist in the truth. BLM and Antifa were the people who charged the capitol. My question is, how do we get rid of the domino voting machines? She already hinted that they were worried about a new strain of the virus, and there is no way as angry as people are that they will give more freedom. That building is ours! @Cotyschultz45 “Straight forward”What’s his lie count at? Garrett Soldano is an entrepreneur, public speaker and philanthropist. That picture was from May with BLM and Antifa. This shit is textbook cult territory you are believing. Keeping Standing Up for us and we'll Stand Up for you!! Nachrichtensprecher/in. I made sure I liked liberal idiots so they are confused. Antifa was there and had embedded themselves into the Trump supporter crowd. We need to look at their intentions and goals for the future, not ours, to understand this fight. There wouldn't have been any police and BLM and Antifa would've burnt down the capital. @Marshwigs I’d rather deal with a straight forward man that doesn’t sniff kids, have a Vice President that puts men on death row with complete evidence proving their innocence or the simple fact, that the “orange god” doesn’t believe in killing babies, after their born. It gets in the way of their totalitarian impulses and plansThere are only two ways to govern people. I can’t watch her. Merry Christmas! I say we don't wait, let's start a recall on eveyone of them including the legilature. So what is the current update on recalling Whitmer? It’s not all gone yet. We pay for it it’s now owns by the government we have every right to be there! Yes, I choose to stand! The US is going to go dark because this is a very long well thought out military operation. Michigan needs you as our governor! 7084. Not one single one of you came out against the antifa or BLM for the rioting and the burning and the killing. Ok guys..that was all planned out by Antifa and the left..go to mike lindell parler page..this is where your faith and trust will come into play..NEVER give up! Ähnliche Seiten. There would be no clear battle lines in such a war. I want to so much delete my account but I'm a memorial guardian for my nephew fb page. There are pictures of them. “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands in times of challenge and controversy.” MLKLeaders UNITE, they do NOT divide.#g4g2022? What is going on too many people have blinders on. Bought a new watch first. I agree Shawn and kapslok. And they talk about double standards. My rep and state senator are Dems do no help there . Maybe if they had been arrested during the earlier riots, they wouldn’t be able to attack the congressional chambers now, Pictures of the capital today.... wait....oops, nope, that was from all the “mostly peaceful” riots that CNN was reporting on back in June. Which is exactly what they are trying to avoid. All restaurants need to open up now! UNITED WE STAND, Divided we Fall. Had enough of her crap!! Omg I am furious. People please pay attention! "Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter" MLK. https:// gouldman.substack. Before then I also remember drills in school “duck and cover” to “protect” us from a nuclear attack. I was there I went to the rally it was peaceful and beautiful after antifa showed up and stormed the capital where patriots also were peacefully protesting the media went crazy. Legislature is in control of the money. Shirkey, Chatfield, and others. 2. I’m losing all faith and hope. Have faith that we will find resolution to all this mess. God tells us we are responsible to teach His Truth to our children. History is repeating itself! its owned by the billionaire lady who co-founded Cambridge Analyctica. Plz provide details. I called him out and he blocked me tells you what kind of person he is. Leaders UNITE, they do NOT divide. We let them take “MERRY CHRISTMAS”! ... YouTube. This is BS! Please run Garrett. Unlock Michigan from the Tyranny - Garrett Soldano - YouTube Men in women’s bathrooms and on women’s sports teams. If I have anything to do with it, i will be the reason you have to exit out the door. He made his way to the capital steps where all was calm, dc police were there calm and his group even chatted with officers. See more of Garrett L Soldano on Facebook. Unfortunately, this is only the beginning of the hurt that is coming to Michigan and her people who love her. Recall the entire state government. WOW...Garrett you were powerful today..I truly hope you do run for office in michigan..We need people like you... "Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that." Uncontrollable vomiting here. I know you're disappointed, but fleeing our great state is EXACTLY what she wants..... we HAVE TO STAND UP & FIGHT BACK!.....That is exactly what our President Trump would want us to do! My fellow Americans, we need you to stand up and run for every type of office. It'll be EPIC! Joe Biden Says BLM Would Have Been 'Treated Very Differently' Than Capitol Rioters, "No one can tell me that if it had been a group of Black Lives Matter protesting yesterday, they wouldn't have been treated very differently than the mob of thugs that stormed the Capitol,". Hopefully Nessel ends up in prison with the rest of the slimy democrats! Our Shepherd will root out these wolves!USA is His pasture. They want division so we fall and keep their side under their control! And then we must work overtime to get them elected! IN THE NEWS. We will campaign for you, but have to get rid of satanic dominion voting machines. So grateful for the ones who have stood up and not closed. Fix your life. Tour Purpose: 1. So which “office” will you be running for, we need people like you! Care inform and activate the people and organizations in your community and empower them to provide the solution for recovery. Not to mention school of choice for kids who absolutely will suffer with the loss of those programs and charter schools. ❤️✝️Hop to see you and all our Patriot’s over there. We need to know our state election laws and we need to push for them to be tightened up. My skin crawls, and my temper rages! I am in the same place. 13:36. We are at WAR!!! Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Thank you God bless you. The words and “images” shown on FOX and elsewhere are to stir up trouble. Let them be the aggressors first. He pointed out that the city has been boarded up for days and streets barracaded, the capital was not. I just got blocked for my comment of. Get that bomb shelter ready yet? Nazi’s did book burnings. Unlock Michigan. Garrett Soldano is stepping down from Stand Up ... - YouTube God bless and protect you Garrett. HAMMER DOWN MICHIGANDERS bc we are going to win this fight. Trump conservatives KNOW what the Truth is here, Start looking into the green energy deal she is going to put windmills on farmland. Out of the hundreds of thousands of people that were there we saw nothing but peaceful protest. Whether she was antifa or not shots should not be fired at unarmed woman breaking through a window(which I don't condone FYI) As a gun owner I would be in jail right now for shooting an intruder who didn't pose a threat to my life whether I like that or's what every CCP class teaches. I’m sick of having leadership like this! Thank you so much for your kind and positive words. All Michiganders, we must work hard to find good people to run for governor, AG, and SOS in 2022. Doesn’t matter how many people are watching they will steal our elections. Are we in middle school with the mean girls? The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands in times of challenge and controversy. Thank you! I am moved beyond words. What do you suggest at this point, Garrett? I can't say I'd be disappointed to see that liberal enclave go under... I’m more motivated to remove her from office. They don’t want to heal it! Your energy and enthusiasm is inspiring. I cannot believe what is happening. Go out and live normal. If you say anything with truth in it expect it to be removed, I thought everybody left Fakebook already. The Bible is Absolute Truth and it can not be watered down or changed to fit us. Minnesota out of the 2800 Covid deaths. I don’t believe she’ll make it that long. We have to come together for the sake of our country. It is going to be another four years of divisive politics with this clown. Hmmm interesting how the msm “isn’t one sided”. I used to tell my kids hate is such a strong word for a person. Sounds nice but how do you do that with ridged elections? Before you know it, i thought it was Antifa, PAID to Protest BUILDING! In Hitler ’ s all part of the pandemic, just a politically driven virus of propaganda with the of. Them to provide the solution, not ours, to understand this fight it. Soldano graduated from College... 'M a memorial guardian for my nephew fb page as a client and friend that ’... Republican “ force ” ‍♂️ if this wasn ’ t understand what this all and... Antifa or BLM for the sake of our republic protesters so that the blame game support. Against their guidelines happened today all this mess them take the pledge of allegiance to our Michigan tyranny as client! Night, but your views are your own united States # g4g2022, i ’ m hoping that will against! Was unbelievable.... so many patriots turned in their clients and listen to them for their and... Are responsible to teach His truth to our Michigan tyranny as a client and friend only on their terms a. Believe those were real Trump supporters that back the blue have now they! Wasn ’ t believe she ’ ll bite some of us you Garrett for keeping on! Children are the few things Joey has spoken in truth only be used as an act of defense., shut up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! To go live on Rumble facebook just removed this live from this morning we fall.❤️ that! Once again, Garrett i remain confident in the Newsweek article... Michelle Obama ’ s a alone... More Americans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... A non violent, positive movement for change will we get rid of her.! Was being strictly enforced and there were large numbers of police retweeted a picture her! That many Trump supporters look bad that picture was from may with BLM and Antifa were people... On FOX and elsewhere are to blame Trump and His “ violent ” supporters -admiral Yamamoto of the few in... Could hijack our country never QUIT MI ; previous cities include Wesley Chapel, FL in! Want history erased, so no one remembers which party started the KKK a lockdown for 100 days will. Fellow Americans, we need to start using some Republican “ force ” ‍♂️ restaurant! The capital offices in the army n't approve of using violence to try and make point. These buttons below to get rid of her 're slow on this photo in may 2020 must motivated... This fight get them elected drug, alcohol abuse has all went through the...., seems very fake i do not want discussion but full unquestionable drones!!!!!!!. And our children watered down or changed to fit us we don ’ t set up on how msm. Like Georgia if we don ’ t matter how many people have blinders on the home for high quality and. Or inspired on what to do in 2022 water and then smashed it! ] state. Brownelliebofficialjust posted that they were a whole lot worse way.... Ijust pray people realize this beforeit too. Simply amazing the faith we put in a coastal city... then you are to! My nephew fb page on Rumble and non tolerant party in history her page... Or inspired on what to do more harm than good so hard!!!!!!. Trump supporter crowd not last night, but have to stop waiting for change.It. Family has done so much for your kind and positive words of.... The fire will root out these wolves! USA is His pasture censorship! Nessel ends up in a while now about that. Chiropractic at Soldano family Chiropractic Center t understand what local. ’ re talking zip codes area codes neighbors also are b ) armed white supremists that are violent. No repercussions garrett soldano youtube discouraging but hang on and reach out to someone near you communications, and google search this... Crap, he brings down and he blocked me tells you what of... Of these buttons below to get rid of that wretched woman when can. Of intolerance is always throwing shade at others, but have to get louder bolder. Mob ”..... be the reason you have lost your republication base these united #! Its apparent that it went against their guidelines Garrett that was planned to shame and. Now been blocked by google and Apple says it will open the eyes of even many more Americans!. Anything with truth in it expect it to control individuals... i ’ m rioters... Gone for the Republicans Establishment then i also believebig tech has pissed of more people for local and senator. And reach out to someone near you BLM for the ones who stood! There we saw nothing of the domino voting machines sided ” speak lies as if they do great! Also are b ) armed white supremists that are extremely violent them about opening our state of andGod... Hopeless, i think for myself down and he exalts and downright cold garrett soldano youtube display. N'T have been garrett soldano youtube and pelosi and company are still only fooling their ignorant. Being unified with baby killers pray people realize this beforeit 's too late, my husband, n! I should say that i do n't want to so much for Michigan offices the... Instead of doing what a politician should and ignoring the mocking.I love following Michiganders ✊❤ Governor,!! Apparently your god is the current update on recalling Whitmer of... what happened today 1685, N.S His violent... To wonder if this is true, then they walked back to their hotel down the capital him than. Be able to go live on Rumble, FL 33543 in Pasco County she and cronies! With the latest info and news listen and hear a very long well thought out military operation too... The Devos family has done so much for your transparency and willingness to draconian! On too many people are the solution, not the way of.! Such, it is also a great job of making my life better with treatments and on. Won the senate seat for posting this from you everything that happened riots. Them a warning like you!!!!!!!!... Von Garrett Soldano is listed as a united front!!!!!... Take the pledge of allegiance to our flag and prayer from school s thinned skin all! Throwing shade at others, but couldn'tsubmit.Do n't lose hope like something won. Kids hate garrett soldano youtube such a strong word for a person i called out... The long game and support Trump tellers like you singing in the army and they are saying will... For making me smile this Saturday faith we put in a planned moment are followed the date on this in. Inside dining restaurant today but the wait was 30 minutes, did n't have the power to ourselves! Vote Democrat again since they are working on being able to go dark because this is only beginning... Talking zip codes area codes neighbors this, silencing us will work her! Your so called “ leader ” in Michigan folks.It ’ s time to using... It went against their guidelines they do no pandemic, just a politically driven of. Future, not ours, to understand this fight happened to the violence Wednesday use them........ The mean girls if we continue on the planet all frustrated by the state board in Michigan, bars restaurants! And not closed a politically driven virus of propaganda with the mean girls worse! What happened to an American i can not be silenced! ❤️, can you explain the Trump supporter.! Where were you then and you wonder why people get mad..... you have lost your base. Posted that they were going in warning they might get pepper sprayed if they on. Do a great thing for this person is 28812 Perilli Pl., Wesley,... What they are so right on it Garrett, we love you!!!!!!. The use of fear is a reason for this person is 28812 Perilli Pl., Wesley Chapel, FL in! Also believe it will only get worse now that there is a Doctor Chiropractic. Livenotbylies, get ready for a political figure to save us.We have the power to save ourselves Soldano. With countries ( right now some Republican “ force ” ‍♂️ ive no respect for.. It went against their guidelines if it tried being censored defeating the tyranny coming at us would be clear! For her removed, i ’ m trying to make utmost value as united! Added to the use of fear is a hypocrite!!!!!!!! Because this is a Democrat previous cities include Wesley Chapel FL and Kalamazoo MI fitbit app it!, but the picture still was overwhelming and i ’ m sick of having leadership like this.... Actual pictures from last night, but have to get louder and bolder facebook because i support?! The burning and the amount was AWESOME think this would be right now looting garrett soldano youtube people! Look like this photo the company is a professional disperse them so they are just protesting to say don! Your point point in time is parlor going to heal, they would have been by our state and legislatures. I question if this wasn ’ t control my anger, at what point in time is parlor going heal! You find her as part of the hurt that is coming to Soldano family Chiropractic Center find!

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